The Early Years:  Born in Wilmington DE, but moved when six months old to Philadelphia where she remained until adulthood.  Attended Temple College for six weeks before dropping out while her parents were on vacation.  "I was young and rebellious and figured I knew more than the professors." Eventually went back to college at the age of 34, graduating from York College with a degree in psychology and a minor in business at age 38.  While there, she was asked to organize and run a highly successful new program for non traditional students.

Career:  After graduating from college, a number of positions in the field of human resources.  Before graduating, a variety, including finances, administration and even auto body work.  Later, in between HR jobs she pumped gas at a marina and managed a tea room.

Husband:  Married to second husband, Russ, for 40 years.

Children/Grandchildren:  A daughter who lives in Arlington, VA, and a son who lives near State College, PA.  Her daughter is a single mom who adopted a baby boy, now 7 years old, from Russia.  Her son is married and has two children, a boy and a girl.

Wanderlust:  Lived in 15 different locations as an adult.  "I think I am basically a gypsy.  I get bored and move."  The two longest term residences were senven year stints in a 100 year old house in Broque, PA, that was originally a log cabin , which she and her husband worked to restore, and on a boat in Baltimore< MD.

Moved to FL:  Came to Tampa Bay area in 2004, the year of four area hurricanes.  Has been here 14 years, but has continued to seek out new faces and spaces, i.e. first had a condo in Safety Harbor, then rented a home in Tarpon Springs, then bought a house in Tarpon Springs before moving to Palm Harbor near US Hwy 19 and finally moving to a condo on East Lake Road.  Six location in 14 years!  No surprise she has no pets to tie her down -"just one cactus!"

She loves exercise and Zumba
She worked in her husband's garage stripping and sanding cars
Go Eagles!
Renovated a 100 year old log cabin
Addicted to Mah Jongg
She is an avid reader
Elaine and husband, Russ
With the grandchildren at Sand Key
Elaine lived on the Empress for seven years!